Wildlife (Elk) Pillar (100% Pure Beeswax)

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A favorite for outdoors enthusiasts, the Wildlife (Elk) Pillar is a massive half-kilo (1.1 lbs) pillar candle featuring a bas relief of a majestic stag. Enjoy hours of delicate candlelight and the soothing aroma of 100 % pure, natural beeswax!

The product of millions of honeybees pollinating wildflowers in the boreal zone of northern Alberta (renowned for its wildlife, including Elk, deer, Timber wolves, black bears and Grizzlies), this massive pillar candle is made to provide many hours of natural light and the delicate scent of beeswax!

We use only 100 % square-braided cotton wick for optimum burning. We never add paraffin. soy or harmful chemicals!