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Anselmo willing workers 4h club - fundraiser oct. 21-nov. 4, 2019

Hi Nestor,

 The fundraiser went over great. I gave each family their orders and they were surprised at how easy it was to be able to give to their family and friends that ordered.

 The products were a great hit overall as well.  One family said we should do this each year for 4H, they loved the product selection so much.

 I wouldn’t change a thing. You were great to work with and made the whole process easy from start to finish.  

 Your fundraising amount is outstanding and every club that is looking for funds should definitely look into Boreal Soap!  

 You did a fantastic job and I will tell everyone I know about it! 

 Kim L.

Anselmo 4H Club


Boreal Hand Sanitizer really is a great product!! Locally made and Health Canada approved, it sanitizes your hands without leaving a sticky residue and without drying out your skin! It's a genuinely great local product!!

Chris K. Edmonton, AB


The Boreal Spice soap bar is the finest soap I have ever used. It brings me joy and pleasure during every shower. It lathers well, smells fantastic, lasts a long time and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated after every use. Bravo!

“5 Stars”

Stephen P. Edmonton, AB


Yeees!!! Very moisturizing!!! Skin feels like silk after using your soap! Especially in our dry Alberta weather - very helpful!!! Thank you for this amazing product!!!

M.R. Edmonton, AB


Incredible quality !! Got a few bars and it's actually REPAIRING my skin. I work at a restaurant and have to wash my hands very often so the skin's getting really dry and uncomfortable, especially in winter. But Boreal soap is making it feel even better than the special hand cream that I use overnight. I'm just thoroughly washing my hands with it and enjoying the scent and effect. Now I also use it instead of a shaving gel. Highly recommend !

T.I. St. Albert, AB


For Christmas we received some of the beeswax tapers. They are wonderful! I have been moving them around the house even when unlit to savour the scent. I think I will get some more to give away - the honey is so calming and warming!

Maureen W. St. Albert, AB


I like your natural soap!

Mike N. Cairo, Egypt


Soap has a great lather and silky feeling. You don’t feel dried out.
The candles last a long time and have a warm mellow glow.
Thanks Fellas! Go Local!

Vic B. Edmonton, AB


Ever since I moved to Alberta (over 30 years ago), I've been plagued by dry skin. Your soap has cured my skin. 

David B. PhD, Edmonton, AB


Your hand sanitizer is wonderful. So much better than what we use at work.

J.D. RN, Edmonton


My husband has really bad psoriasis on his legs. He really likes your coffee/patchouli soap. It brings him relief. 

Lada, Edmonton 


Boreal Skin Balm is amazing. My husband has really dry heels and they've become very smooth after just ten days. We apply it every evening before bed. This is a great product! 

L.K., Edmonton